Say no to outsourcing the immigration call centre

The Turnbull Government wants to outsource our immigration call centres.

Our call centres deal with important work including applying for a visas, sponsoring a partner, or importing goods.

As the staff performing this work we are highly trained committed to serving the national interest.

  • We are trained in dealing with highly secure information
  • We are monitored and accountable to the Australian Parliament and people
  • We do not work for profit, we work for the Australian people

Outsourcing this work will put all of this at risk

If the Turnbull Government gets their way, people calling the immigration line will be talking to a for-profit privatised call centre instead of highly trained staff from the Department of Immigration and Border Protection.

Around 250 people could lose their jobs if the outsourcing goes ahead. Sign here to tell the Turnbull Government to keep our immigration system in public hands.

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