Protect our ABC

I love the ABC and I’m joining the national movement to protect it. The overwhelming majority of Australians trust the ABC. It belongs to all of us.

Whether through local radio, online or television; our national broadcaster is a vital source of information, learning and entertainment for so many Australian's.

Through every major crisis, through breaking news and moments of joy and laughter. The ABC has kept us informed and entertained.

The ABC we know and love is under threat. Will you help protect our ABC?

Due to continued budget cuts by the Federal Government, the ABC has had to cut over 1100 jobs. In June this year, a further 250 jobs were cut as a direct result of the Morrison Government's $84 million funding freeze.

Ongoing cuts are devastating the ABC. With more than $731 million in funding stripped from the ABC's budget over recent years.

The essential programs that tell our stories have had to be axed or cut back. Lateline, ABC Life, Catalyst, the 7:45 am news bulletin, Australian Story, Foreign Correspondent and local Australian children's and drama programs. Ongoing cuts have deeply impacted ABC programs.

The ABC is always there for us, whoever and wherever we are. The ABC's death by a thousand cuts needs to end.

Can you sign this petition calling on the Federal Government to reverse their $84m funding cut to the ABC immediately, and to fund the ABC adequately?

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