Ask your MP to stand against the privatisation of visa services

The Turnbull Government are pushing ahead with their plan of selling off our visa services to be run for profit by their corporate mates. Literally, their mates. Turnbull’s former employee and friend Scott Briggs and his company Pacific Blue are in the running for the contract.  

Our visa services are vital to our community; they reunite families, give people a chance at education, bring brain surgeons here. Visa services should be fair, accessible and thorough, run by highly trained, accountable public servants committed to the national interest.

Privatising our visa services to be run for profit by a corporation places all of this at risk and threatens the jobs of 3000 people at the Department of Home Affairs.

Right now, we have an opportunity to send a message that cannot be ignored – that the community wants our visa services to stay in public hands. Minister Dutton intends to go to tender for the contract on July 1, 2018, but with four by-elections and a federal election looming the Government is sensitive to public opinion which means now is the time to urgently ramp up the pressure.

Your local MP needs to hear that this issue matters to you. Email them today to ask them to stand against the privatisation of visa services.

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