Keep weather forecasting local

Australia loves and respects our Bureau of Meteorology (BoM), and the public servants who work there.

We love them because they let us know just how much we need to slip, slop, slap at the beach and they let us know when we need to rug up for the footy.

We love them because they offer expert meteorology services which, allow for disaster risk reduction in times of flood, bushfire and other emergencies, and provide localised forecasting across this massive continent we call home.

But Scott Morrison’s Liberal government and the executive of the Bureau think they know better than the meteorology experts. They want to centralise forecasting to just Melbourne and Brisbane, and we predict a disaster.

Help us send the message that Australia needs localised forecasting delivered by local forecasters.

Use the form on the right to send the below e-postcard to BoM Director Andrew Jonhson and Federal Environment Minister, Melissa Price calling on them to keep our BoM forecasters local.  

Once you have sent your letter sign the petition to support BoM here

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