Call Greg Hunt

The government has committed 15 new jobs and $37 million to climate science over the next 3 years.

But CSIRO management is continuing with plans to slash 296 jobs across the organisation, including more than 60 experienced climate and marine scientists. Many of the jobs are being cut through forced redundancies.

Call the new Minister for Science Greg Hunt and ask that he reverse all the cuts to CSIRO on (03) 5979 3188

Here are some talking points to guide you through the conversation. Remember to stay calm, polite and don't be afraid to ask questions: 

  • Hi my name is ____ from _____, I’m calling today to talk about the cuts to CSIRO.
  • I have been involved in the campaign to stand up for the climate scientists…. {explain what you have done, or your personal story about why this is important to you}
  • I am glad that you took a stand against Larry Marshall and Christopher Pyne’s vicious cuts to CSIRO, but I want to pass on a message to the Minister that I want his confirmation that the scientists who are currently hanging in the balance regarding their future at CSIRO will be reinstated.
  • There were 296 jobs cut in total, 61 in Oceans and Atmosphere alone, and 23 scientists are set to forcibly lose their jobs in days.
  • These scientists are our best and brightest, and we can’t afford to lose them.
  • I am calling on the Minister to continue standing up for science by reinstating all jobs and increasing funding to CSIRO imediately.
  • Australia relies on this climate science to safeguard us from a changing climate. To grow our food, to plan our cities and protect us from extreme weather events.
  • I won’t stop making noise about this until the vital work of CSIRO is boosted in line with our international commitments.
  • Are you able to pass this on to Minister Hunt?
  • Thank you for your time.