Have your say to stop the privatisation of Centrelink

The Turnbull Government has cut thousands of jobs from Centrelink, causing 55 million calls to go unanswered last year and thousands of Australians to be harassed with robodebt letters. Now they are making the problem worse by selling off Centrelink brick by brick to multinational companies like Serco.

Have your say by filling in the form to say why it is important to you, your family and community that the privatisation is stopped.

Minister for Human Services Michael Keenan has just announced that they will be contracting 1000 more private call centre operators following the 250 positions currently generating a profit for multinational corporation Serco, and 1000 labour hire staff brought in across the country. This is straight out of the privatisation playbook.

This decision means that people with disabilities on NDIS will now be dealing with Serco instead of Centrelink staff.  The NDIS and Centrelink should there for the community, not for profit.

Our communities need and deserve decent, secure jobs, not outsourced insecure work. Serco workers have told us about the impact of low wages, poor conditions and insecure employment.

We have a window of opportunity while they are consulting with staff on this decision to ensure that the community has a say. 

We say they should give the community a voice.  We will deliver Minister Keenan your feedback to show that the community will fight for these services to stay in public hands. Together we saved Medicare, it’s once again time to stand up for our public services.

The answer is clear: employ more Centrelink staff who are properly trained and work in the interests of the public. This would mean quality services for all Australians when they most need it, and secure jobs for the community.