Say no to privatising our visa system

The Morrison Government wants to privatise virtually all aspects of Australia’s visa system. This would see a private company given a license to run our Visa system as a for-profit business.  

Visa applications should only be assessed on their merits, as is the case now, not based on how much profit they can generate for a private company. 

The Morrison Government has already announced that multinational Datacom will be taking over the running of the immigration call centre, and now they are planning to privatise the entire Visa processing system.  There are up to 3000 hardworking people whose jobs are at risk and are worried about their own future and the impact on the services they provide the Australian public.   

The Department of Home Affairs staff who are currently performing this work are highly trained and committed to serving the national interest. They do not work for profit, they work for the Australian people. 

Privatising this work will put all of this at risk. 

This is a disgraceful sell-off as the Morrison Government once again puts corporate interests before the national interest. Sign here to tell the Morrison Government to keep our immigration and border protection system in public hands. 

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