Ask Immigration Minister David Coleman to stop the privatisation of visa services

The Coalition Government are pushing ahead with their plan to sell off our visa services to be run for profit by their corporate mates. Literally, their mates. Turnbull’s former employee and friend Scott Briggs and his company Pacific Blue are in the running for the contract.  

Not only does the privatisation threaten the jobs of up to 3000 people and pose a severe risk to data security, visa costs and service quality, but it’s also been revealed to reek of nepotism.

The Australian newspaper brought attention to the web of vested interests involved in the tender process for the visa privatisation. Pacific Blue Capital is a key player in the ‘Australian Visa Services’ consortium which is made up of companies including Qantas, PwC and NAB.

Pacific Blue Capital’s CEO Scott Briggs:

  • Is the director of Scott Morrison’s beloved Cronulla Sharks
  • Is the president of Scott Morrison’s local wing of the Liberal Party
  • Is a previous deputy state director of the NSW Liberal Party
  • Is a former colleague of Immigration Minister David Coleman
  • Previously worked for ‘Turnbull Pillemer’ – a venture capital firm managed by Malcolm Turnbull

The Morrison Government has a lot of questions to answer about why they are selling this work and who they are selling it to.  

With a newly appointed Immigration Minister, we have an opportunity to make it clear that the community will not stand for this privatisation. Call on Immigration Minister David Coleman to stop the privatisation of visa services.

The Immigration Minister needs to know that we won't stand for this privatisation. Email David Coleman today and ask him to say no to the privatisation of visa services.

Once you receive a response, please forward it to

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