Keep ACT Public Services in Public Hands

Maintaining fair and equal access to public services should be a top priority for a good government.

With the ACT Labor Government coming up to the end of their 19th year in Government. The prospect of a Liberal Government presents the threat of privatisation of ACT public services.

COVID-19 has resoundingly demonstrated how critical quality public services are, both individually and for our community. The sector as a whole has been a driving economic force; maintaining secure employment, while unemployment in the private sector has skyrocketed.

Under a Federal Coalition Government, we have witnessed significant outsourcing of jobs and the constant threat of privatisation of our critical public services such as Centrelink and Visa Processing. This risk is exacerbated in the context of COVID-19, where the unprecedented stimulus expenditure exposes the prospect of Government’s initiating austerity exercises such as selling off public assets and services.

We know that privatisation doesn’t work. Privatisation of public services erodes conditions and security for workers, siphons public funds to private corporations, and diminishes the quality of services to our community.

Maintaining a pro public service and worker Government is essential, but we can do more to future proof our public services. We want the current ACT Labor government to implement proactive and preventative measures against the threat of privatisation so that our existing public sector jobs, services and assets are protected.

We are calling on the current ACT Labor government to do the right thing by our public services, workers, and the community and commit to implementing the preventative measures recommended by the People’s Inquiry into Privatisation and protect against further privatisation of public services in the ACT.

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