Lizzy's story

This is Lizzy. Lizzy grew up in Geelong and Werribee, she’s a mum to Evie and she loves roller derby. She's also a former worker from the Department of Human services (DHS) with the child support agency.

When Lizzy started at DHS she was proud to work in an area where she could give back to the community and make a difference in people’s live. In her role at DHS Lizzy worked with families during difficult times in their lives. She believes her job was not just about providing these families with advice, but also with support.

Every day thousands of Australians, like Lizzy, who work at DHS, work to preserve the foundation of our Aussie way of life. They’re keeping us healthy through Medicare. They’re helping families, students and pensioners at Centrelink and the child support agency. We all benefit from our public services being in public hands – run for us, by people like us, caring for us.

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