Will you join the fight against Centrelink outsourcing?

The Turnbull Government have announced that they will allow private corporation, Serco, to begin operating a Centrelink call centre in Melbourne within weeks.

Australia needs more permanent, well-trained staff in the Department of Human Services – not privatisation of our services.

We can change Turnbull's mind, but we need to act now. Can you contribute to the campaign to fight cuts at Centrelink and stop outsourcing to Serco?

The last thing this government wants is for voters to know what they're planning but if you chip in we can broadcast the message further and campaign more on this issue.

Serco is a massive multinational company with multi-billion dollar contracts all over the world, and a direct line to Governments and Ministers.  Defeating Serco’s political connections and deep pockets will take all of us coming together.

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