Outsourced Federal Prosecutors put justice in jeopardy

The Turnbull Government has proposed to outsource critical positions in the Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions (CDPP), meaning lawyers engaged by private companies will be involved in criminal prosecutions including those of terrorists, people smugglers and paedophiles.

Immigration Call Centres to be Outsourced

The Turnbull Government wants to outsource our immigration call centres.

Fair Tax

Let’s talk about tax.


1188 jobs cut at Department of Human Services

Breaking news from the Federal Budget 2017. The Turnbull Government are not only cutting 1188 jobs from the Department of Human Services – they are also piloting outsourcing in social security.

Lizzy's story

This is Lizzy. Lizzy grew up in Geelong and Werribee, she’s a mum to Evie and she loves roller derby. She's also a former worker from the Department of Human services (DHS) with the child support agency.

Simon's Story

This is Simon. Simon grew up on the Hawksbury River, he’s a keen cyclist and a pub trivia aficionado. He’s also a former ABC journalist.

Malisja's Story

This is Malisja. Malisja grew up in Viewbank. She’s a mum, a grandmother and an occasional taxi driver for hockey games. She’s also a scientist at CSIRO.

Halt the Debt Crisis

Last year budget and job cuts to DHS meant 36 million calls went unanswered.

Malcolm Turnbull must immediately halt the debt crisis and add more permanent staff to DHS.

No more cuts to our public services

This Christmas we're hoping for a MYEFO miracle that there will be no funding cuts to the public service.