Crack down on tax avoiders

Santa Claus is coming to town, but so is MYEFO. So we're asking for Malcolm Turnbull to crack down on the biggest tax avoiders in this years budget update!

No more cuts to ABS

We wish you a Merry MYEFO. Here's hoping Malcolm Turnbull brings good tidings and promises no more cuts to the ABS.

More funding for DHS

'Tis the season for MYEFO. So we're asking Malcolm Turnbull to be jolly and put more funding for the Department of Human Services (DHS) in the budget update.

No more cuts to the ABC

On the 8th day before MYEFO, what will my Government give to me? We suggest no more cuts to the ABC.

Medicare in Public Hands

We don't want a lot this Christmas, but for MYEFO we're asking for some solid commitments around Medicare.

More funding for public science

All we want for MYEFO is you (and more funding for public science).

12 Days of MYEFO

MYEFO (Mid-year Economic and Fiscal Outlook) is just around the corner so let's find out together if the Government is naughty or nice...

Because it's the season, for the next 12 days we'll be making a list (and checking it twice) of all the things we'd like to see in MYEFO.

Medicare Processing Privatisation

The Turnbull Government are cutting back face-to-face Medicare claims processing.

Australian farmers need CSIRO

Australian farmers, like Peter, work hard. But hard work isn’t always enough - sometimes you need expert scientific research and advice.

Peter realised that traditional farming techniques were damaging and so he turned to the CSIRO to help. CSIRO’s scientific research helped Peter, and many other farmers, revolutionise their farming practices, cut costs, conserve water, and predict the weather.