Protect our ABC

The ABC cannot survive another term of the Turnbull Government, that was made clear in the 2018 Federal Budget. 

The Turnbull Government has continued its attacks on the ABC with the announcement that it will cut 83 million dollars from the ABC’s budget and subject the ABC to another so-called ‘efficiency review’.

These announcements come on top of the $254M budget cut in 2014 and in addition to the 2014 efficiency review which was a blueprint for many of the internal cuts to ABC staffing and programs made by the ABC since then.

Couple these with the Government’s proposed changes to ABC editorial standards, a competitive neutrality inquiry and the continuous stream of Ministerial abuse hurled at the ABC and its workers by the likes of Peter Dutton and even the Prime Minister himself.

For the ABC to survive, we must push back against these cuts and stand with ABC workers to protect our national broadcaster.

We need your help to ensure that public awareness of what Malcolm Turnbull has done to the ABC continues loud and strong, well beyond the current news cycle and all the way to the next federal election - when it counts most.

We have some big ideas on how we will achieve this, but we need your help. If enough of us chip in a few dollars, we will be able to run a powerful campaign to get the message out and gain community support to protect our national broadcaster and support ABC staff.

Australia need's an ABC that is editorially independent and funded to operate freely of commercial interest.

This campaign will be our opportunity to show the Turnbull government that Australia will not stand by and let these cuts continue.

Click here to donate and be a part of something big! 


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