Public Services Pledge


Candidates who have signed the pledge in 2016:


Libby Coker - Candidate for Corangamite (ALP)

Andrew Giles - Member for Scullin (ALP)

Julian Hill - Candidate for Bruce (ALP)

Simon Curtis - Candidate for Latrobe (ALP)

Brendan O'Connor - Member for Gorton (ALP)

Peta Murphy – Candidate for Dunkley (ALP)

New South Wales

Chris Gambian – Candidate for Banks (ALP)

Mike Kelly - Candidate for Eden-Monaro (ALP)

Chris Bowen - Member for McMahon (ALP)

Susan Templeman – Candidate for Macquarie (ALP) 

Julie Owens - Member for Parramatta (ALP)

Sam Dastyari - Senator for New South Wales (ALP)

Doug Cameron - Senator for New South Wales (ALP)

Jenny McAllister - Senator for New South Wales (ALP)

Northern Territory

Luke Gosling  - Candidate for Solomon  (ALP)

Pat Honan - Senate Candidate for Northern Territory (ALP)

Malarndirri McCarthy - Senate Candidate for Northern Territory (ALP)


Cathy O'Toole - Candidate for Herbert (ALP)

Terri Butler - Member for Griffith (ALP)

Pat O'Neill - Candidate for Brisbane (ALP)

Milton Dick - Candidate for Oxley (ALP) 

Wayne Swan – Member for Lilley (ALP)

Graham Perrett - Member for Moreton (ALP)

Jane Casey - Senate Candidate for Queensland (ALP)

Cheryl Thompson - Senate Candidate for Queensland (ALP)

Claire Moore  - Senator for Queensland (ALP) 

Anthony Chisholm - Senate Candidate for Queensland (ALP)

Chris Ketter - Senator for Queensland (ALP) 

Murray Watt - Senate Candidate for Queensland (ALP) 

Susan Lamb - Candidate for Longman (ALP)

Australian Capital Territory

Gai Brodtmann - Member for Canberra (ALP)

Andrew Leigh - Member for Fraser (ALP)

Katy Gallagher - Senator for Canberra(ALP) 

South Australia

Mark Butler - Member for Port Adelaide (ALP)

Tony Zappia - Member for Makin (ALP)

Matt Loader - Candidate for Sturt (ALP)

Nick Champion – Member for Wakefield (ALP)

Pat Conroy - Member for Charlton (ALP)

Sharon Claydon - Member for Newcastle (ALP)

Meryl Swanson - Candidate for Paterson (ALP)

Senator Anne McEwen, Senator for South Australia (ALP) 

Western Australia

Tim Hammond - Candidate for Perth (ALP)

Matt Keogh – Candidate for Burt (ALP) 

Sue Bowers - Senate Candidate for Western Australia (ALP) 

Anne Aly - Candidate for Cowan (ALP) 

Mark Reed - Senate Candidate for Western Australia (ALP) 

Sue Lines - Senator for Western Australia (ALP) 


Justine Keay - Candidate for Braddon (ALP)

Anne Urquhart - Senator for Tasmania (ALP) 

Brian Mitchell - Candidate for Lyons (ALP) 

Ross Hart - Candidate for Bass (ALP)