Community Campaigners take a Stand Against Extinction at Parliament House

Community Campaigners take a Stand Against Extinction at Parliament House

Union members joined environmental activists and community members on the lawns of Parliament House to Stand Against Extinction for National Threatened Species day on 7 September.

We need to ensure our political leaders are supporting the public service to look after our endangered species-- like the precious Northern Hopping Mouse and the beautiful Orange-Bellied Parrot! 

Join in the call on government to protect our native fauna by signing the petition here.

The Community & Public Sector Union joined allies including Wilderness Society and a broad alliance of environmental groups on Friday 7 September for National Threatened Species Day. 

CPSU Deputy Secretary Beth Vincent-Pietsch spoke to highlight the clear impact government could have on our native fauna's survival if they reverse their staff cuts to the Department of Environment.

"Australia is facing a faunal extinction crisis. There are 511 faunae on the Environment Protection and biodiversity Conservation ACT list.

Seventeen birds and mammals are expected to disappear in the next 20 years unless Australia improves its protection of threatened species and their habitat.

The survival of species including the orange-bellied parrot, Northern hopping mouse and helmeted honeyeater depends on restored funding

Australia leads the world on mammal extinctions, with 27 confirmed extinctions since European settlement.

Despite this there is a lack of effective monitoring and long-term reporting on biodiversity. Right now, due to a lack of resourcing, around a third of our threatened species aren’t monitored at all.

Years of budget cuts have critically damaged the capacity of the Department of Environment to arrest the decline of many species.

In May this year the Government announced a budget cut that resulted in 60 staff cuts from the biodiversity and Conservation division (nearly a third of the division lost).

These cuts are not a one off, but part of an ongoing pattern of defunding Environmental initiatives under this Government.

our members who work in the Department of The Environment are deeply concerned that Australia is not keeping pace with the scale and the magnitude of the problems that face conservation. Therefore we are not meeting our national and international obligations to monitor and protect our native species.

The Commonwealth plays a critical role in protecting biodiversity and conservation. To ensure our endangered species population is properly monitored and looked after we need an immediate funding injection and we need a strong public sector."



The campaign to protect our precious native fauna from extinction continues beyond National Threatened Species Day. You can join the campaign by signing the petition here.

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