Turnbull to privatise immigration call centre

The Turnbull Government has announced that Datacom will be contracted to run the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) call centre.

Minister Dutton wants to privatise our borders by handing over 250 Immigration officer jobs to a private, for profit multinational  Datacom.

Datacom has a very low reported profit margin, there are serious questions to be answered by Datacom and other multinationals regarding them paying their fair share of tax.

Today's announcement is only the beginning – we expect the Turnbull Government to announce what company they want to award DIBP’s visa processing work to in February. These privatisations threaten the jobs of up to 3,000 hardworking staff who are heading into 2018 facing an uncertain future.

DIBP call centre and visa processing staff have access to extremely sensitive and secure information. They are highly trained, experienced staff, committed to working in the national interest.

Handing this work over to a company that is not accountable to the public and is driven by profit is irresponsible and short sighted. It threatens the security of our nation and the quality of our public services.

Minister Dutton has snuck in today’s announcement in early January hoping it will go unnoticed.

Peter Dutton and Turnbull Government need to hear loud and clear that the Australian community won’t stand for these privatisations. Tell Minister Dutton that these jobs need to stay in public hands. Sign the petition.

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