Ask the Cross bench to say NO to visa privatisation

In a major breakthrough in our campaign to stop the privatisation of visa services the Australian Labor Party has come out to back our Public Services and will strongly oppose this planned privatisation.

This announcement has been hard won by you - the many volunteers who have signed the petition, written to their MP or Senator and attended over 60 lobbying meetings to ask politicians to stand up and say no to visa privatisation.

Now, we need to make it untenable for the Morrison Government to sign the privatisation contracts before the election. 

The Morrison Government is hanging on by a thread and key crossbench politicians hold immense influence.

Send these cross benchers an email now! ask them to tell the Coalition to ditch their plans to privatise our visa services.

Your email will be sent to: 

Andrew Wilkie
Cathy McGowan
Julia Banks
Bob Katter
Rebekha Sharkie
Adam Bandt 

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